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Projecto Díptico Vertical #289


John Everett Millais, Ophelia 1851

Nickolas Muray, 1936

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What are days for?


To shave the beard is a sin that the blood of all the martyrs cannot cleanse. It is to deface the image of man created by God.

- Ivan IV, known as Ivan the Terrible 1530-84, quoted in David Maland Europe in the Seventeenth Century (1968).

I was neat, clean, shaved and sober, and I didn’t care who knew it.

- Raymond Chandler 1888-1959, Philip Marlowe, The Big Sleep (1939). 

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Dá-me o teu Adalgur


A fusão erótica é o melhor relaxante muscular.

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Projecto Díptico Vertical #288


Robert Frank, London, 1951

Vucina Dzankic by Steven Harrison Brown

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Maybe it's music for the human voice

"I hope never to idealize poetry—it has suffered enough from that. Poetry is not a healing lotion, an emotional massage, a kind of linguistic aromatherapy. Neither is it a blueprint, nor an instruction manual, nor a billboard.”

Adrienne Rich, from an interview

Projecto Díptico Vertical #287